Perceptions and Reflections

If you have a thought it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. (Joe Dispenza)
What you think about yourself and about others. Is that a judgment, a label? A reflection of an experience?
How you perceive you determines with all your senses, with your translation to your thoughts. One step deeper, does matter exist because you perceive it? Does matter exist if you don’t perceive it?
Your thoughts create your reality?
The heart never judges. It’s your true self. The perceptions and reflections are made by mind?

#Quantum #TheField #JoeDispenza #TrueSelf #Joris

I used acrylic on canvas. Finished with a little glossy varnish.


height 70 x 70 cm
favorite_border Artist: Ralph Dost
fingerprint Unique piece, dated & signed.
schedule June 2022

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