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Diamond Heart Collection


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Diamond Heart Collection, featuring Ralph Dost’s iconic and affectionate designs inspired by his Diamond Heart concept. Ralph’s artistic vision harmonizes with nature, utilizing organic bio materials and skillful craftsmanship to create exceptional pieces

Diamond Heart

Infuse your surroundings with the mesmerizing Diamond Heart Lights, thoughtfully designed from natural bio materials like hemp fibers, reclaimed wood, silphium etc.  Creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Diamond Heart
Open Up

The captivating Diamond Heart Open Up collection is designed to add a unique and alluring touch to your wall or hang freely in your space. Each piece serves as a reminder to embrace openness and follow the path of your heart.

Diamond Heart

Elevate your interior with the extraordinary Diamond Heart Elements, featuring acoustic design wall panels that can be complemented by optional lighting. Explore a range of unique elements, including room dividers, designed to transform your space.

Diamond Heart

Discover the elegance of Diamond Heart Tables, crafted in the shape of a heart and made from natural organic materials. Add a touch of artistic beauty and eco-consciousness to your space with these exquisite pieces.

Diamond Heart

Unleash your style with Diamond Heart Apparel—stunning designs inspired by the iconic Diamond Heart. Each garment offers comfort and artistic expression, meticulously crafted from quality materials. Let your heart shine and radiate your inner beauty through your fashion choices. 

Diamond Heart

Adorn yourself with the exquisite Diamond Heart Jewelry collection, inspired by the iconic design. From necklaces to bracelets and more, each piece radiates timeless elegance. Let the beauty of the Diamond Heart reflect your inner grace.

Diamond Heart
Art Originals

The Diamond Heart Art Originals are unique paintings & sculptures by Ralph Dost. Your heart, your connection to love and light. Each face of the Diamond Heart reflects your unique life expression. Live your best life, guided by the truth that resonates from within.

Diamond Heart
Fine Art Prints

Elevate your space with Diamond Heart Fine Art Prints, exquisite reproductions of the original artworks by Ralph Dost. Each print bringing love and beauty into your environment. Embrace the artistry and create a captivating ambiance in your surroundings.

More information for consumers, galleries, and retailers.

If you have any questions about any of the items from the Diamond Heart Collection, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I sell directly to consumers and through the webshop.

For Art Originals and Fine Art Prints, I enjoy collaborating with galleries if there is a mutual connection.

Various Diamond Heart Collection items are also available for retailers. I would be delighted to personally discuss the possibilities of a successful partnership. Please feel free to contact me.

ralph@ralphdost.com or +31 6 449 349 22


Diamond Heart Light



A heartwarming element in every room

The Diamond Heart Light is hand-created to order and, therefore, unique to you.

It can hang on a wall or stand on a pedestal. A dimmer enables you to shape the ultimate mood for every moment, both in daytime and in the evening. A heartwarming feature in every room!

The Diamond Heart Light is one creation in the Diamond Heart series by artist-designer Ralph Dost and in cooperation with product designer, Jory Swart. Jory has made lamps and furniture for years, and has extensive experience using industrial hemp in his beautiful line of other lamps and design products. He developed a material based on fibre hemp and a bio-based binding agent for the perfect combination with lighting.

The Diamond Heart Light is completely handmade, with love. The frame comprises thinly sawn oak slats, which are then glued.

Jory and Ralph are currently working on other surprising variations of the Diamond Heart Light.

Approx. 81 x 78 cm. 
With a pedestal the height is approx. 150 cm

The light from your heart will shine forever.​