Pure design is created from the heart



In the Design Studio we help companies to create pure design created from the heart. Sustainable, circular and innovative. Always inspired by nature. So we love to use natural and biobased materials, biophilic design and the use of biomimicry.

From the seed f a project, we can help with the first rough sketches, the business case, customer journey and the thinking and feeling of how to bring a great product to the market. To make happy customers and create a positive impact in people’s lives and the world.

Or we can jump in later. By making a prototype or concept model and working together on smart manufacturing.

Feel free to share your dreams. We dare to dive into great dreams and make them happen together.
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Research biobased watersport products

Question from Double Dutch. Please help us with the development of biobased water sports items such as a paddle and canoe. The challenge is to replace carbon fibre, aramid fibers and epoxy with 100% sustainable and biobased materials. We have examined various materials. Together we are experimenting and learning through the development of prototypes.


Concept model electronics industry

Question. Please help us with the development of biobased concept case for an electronics product. 

We have developed a concept model. Fully biobased, detachable and less screws. The materials grow locally and the product can be produced locally through smart manufacturing.

The project will be revealed in the media soon.

Product Design & innovation

“Pure design created from the heart” is our philosophy. That means fair, sustainable, biobased, circular. Connected to nature and the customer / user.

Nature is our inspiration. In materials, shapes and design thinking. We therefore often use the biophilic design and biomimicry principles.

We always design and develop products and services in close collaboration with you. Our design process is driven by your specific needs.

Design Process | Design Studio Ralph Dost

Sustainable marketing & business cases

Sustainable and fair is great. Bottom line it should be profitable as well.

Whether it’s a new project from scratch or an existing product. With our expertise, we are happy to help you develop business cases, sparkling concepts and a purpose-based marketing strategy and tactics. Sustainable, respectful, with a positive impact on your business, the world and peoples lives. Exciting customer journeys with happy customers as a result.

Ralph Dost, the founder of the Design Studio, has a strong background in marketing and business cases.

Let’s discuss your challenge together.
Call Ralph at +31 6 449 349 22 or drop an email at info@ralphdost.com.

Smart Manufacturing

We have been using biobased materials such as wood, cork, bamboo and flax for centuries. Hemp was banned in some parts of the world for a while, but the versatile industrial hemp is making a strong comeback.

Making products from biobased materials such as hemp and flax, for example, requires specific expertise and experience.
Modern science moves fast. Both in the field of biology and technology.

The Design Studio team of engineers, software developers, designers and bio materials experts bring the plant and technology together.

With smart manufacturing, sustainable and close production becomes possible. Think of 3D printing, robotics, advanced CNC machines, laser cutting, nano technology, sensoring, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is precisely through the use of smart technology that we create the optimal reliable supply chain with suppliers and customers.
Customer order drive, local grown materials and local manufacturing.